Welcome to Implementing NIRS Fecal Sampling Technology!

This course is divided into two parts, with a total of five learning modules. The course has been designed in a sequential manner so that multiple audiences can participate in the course based on their role within a project, organization, or as an individual. Click here to print a summary of the material to be covered.

Part 1 (modules 1-2): Any person interested in NIRS technology, it's implications to livestock health, and collecting fecal samples.

Part 2 (modules 3-5): Lab managers, workers, and project personnel responsible for processing fecal samples using NIRS technology with validated pre-existing equations.

To complete the material in the course, you will need to make sure that you have the required software on your computer to view all of the material. To begin, review the "Plug-Ins" page using the link below.

All of the learning material and activities for this course can be accessed without and Internet connection unless specifically noted. Additional online links are provided for students who have access to the Internet and would like more informaition on the PEACE project or NIRS Technology.