Our Team

Principal Investigators

CNRIT has three Principal Investigators that lead projects and seek funding through granting institutions. Through their devotion and encouragement CNRIT has evolved into a well-rounded, multidisciplinary team with a broad skill base.  To learn more about our lead scientists and P.I.'s, click the links below.

Visiting Scientists

CNRIT is committed to promoting technology in agriculture worldwide. One avenue of doing that is hosting visiting scientists at our center so that they may work side by side with our scientists. Upon leaving the center, these scientists take with them the knowledge and ability to setup similar systems for their home area. Click on the links below to learn more about our visiting scientists.

Currently, CNRIT has no visiting scientists


CNRIT's scientific team is composed of a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in range management, remote sensing, wildlife, economics and engineering. Click on the links below to learn more about CNRIT's scientists.


CNRIT's programmers work to develop interfaces, middleware and back end processing for our decision support tools.  Our models are primarily written in C++ and we use PHP and Java servlets to deliver the results to web interfaces.

Research Support Staff

  • Tony Owen 
  • Jesse Goplin
  • Kimberly Sanchez
  • Deann Burson
  • Kimberly Sheffield

Former Team Members

CNRIT has had a diverse staff of professionals throughout the years from multiple disciplines from all over the world. Some of our former team members include:

  • Robert Blaisdell
  • Jim Bucher
  • Neville Clarke
  • Paul Dyke
  • Robert East
  • Ikuko Fujisaki
  • Clint Heath
  • Abdi Jama
  • Scott Keating
  • Laban MacOpiyo
  • Michael Morrow
  • Pat Parker
  • Dan Schmitt
  • Yi Sun 
  • Will Bednarz
  • Stephen Prince
  • Jason Jones
  • Jennifer Childers
  • Doug Tolleson
  • R C Rowan
  • Katy Weber
  • Jimmy Wu
  • Kristen Zander
  • Courtney Ratheal - Chambers
  • DJ Kwiatkowski
  • Krystal Lair
  • Phil Tanimoto
  • Kris Banik
  • Tim Brown
  • Loren Naylor
  • Marco Bomfim
  • Will Shaw
  • Catherine Schloeder
  • Michael Jacobs
  • Shawn Quisenberry
  • Rashmi Singh