Pastoral Engagement, Adaptation and Capacity Enhancement

Historic Climate Data

During the period of occupation by the Taliban, much of Afghanistan's daily historic climate data was destroyed. What remained were hard copies of summary data for 26 weather stations saved by a staff member in the Ministry of Transportation who kept this data in his home during the occupation. The PEACE Project, in collaboration with the Afghanistan Meteorological Service (AgrMet) and Ministry of Transportation, has converted this data into digital format and this data is being made public here for the first time. The PEACE Project and USAID make no claim regarding the accuracy of this data. Age and handwriting made it difficult at times to positively determine some values on the handwritten sheets. At times, we attempted to note where the data was questionable, but not always. This information is provided for decision support purposes only. The Texas A&M University, University of California-Davis, and US Agency for International Development are not responsible for any decisions made using the information provided here.


Please click on the name of each weather station to download the data.


  • Kunduz (alt: 433, DD 36.4, 68.55)