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Kuchi Data


Detailed interviews with Kuchi families and clan representatives show that the Kuchi face many difficult challenges.  These include access to traditional grazing land, access to water for themselves and their animals, and access to amenities such as education and veterinary services. These challenges are added to those imposed by a difficult life style in a harsh and unforgiving physical environment. As they travel throughout the year,the challenges change. These changes are revealed in the maps we produced using season-specific survey data. The following map categories each contain two seasonal maps.  In each map, the size of the circle corresponds to the number of animals affected or the number of families affected. Click on the categories below to view seasonal information.

  • Family Estimates: Clans attempted to report estimates of the number of families that resided in summer and winter locations.
  • Conflicts with commanders: Local commanders exert their rule by imposing taxes and land use fees, which can cause a major impact to the Kuchi economy.
  • Conflicts with villages: Traditional annual migration routes bring the Kuchi into contact rural villages and villagers. At times this causes friction because there is much competition for grazing lands. For example, agricultural land removes large tracts from the grazing land base and can also cut off access to existing grazing areas.

  • Conflicts with other Kuchi: At times, the Kuchi must compete among themselves for access to limited grazing lands.
  • Conflicts with Ethnic Groups: Kuchi Clans sometimes have conflicts with specific ethnic groups at specific times of the year.
  • Access to Veterinary Services: Overall, access to veterinary services is improving, although some veterinarians will not work with Kuchi animals. This presents a big problem for Kuchi particularly when they are moving in the spring and fall.
  • Access to Mobile Veterinary Services: This represents the report availability of mobile veterinary services in winter and summer locations.
  • Available Water Sources for People: Kuchi Clans have reported the sources of water fit for human consuption.
  • Available water Sources for Livestock: Water Sources were reported by many clans for thier winter and summer locations.
  • Sheep and Goat Population Estimates: Many Kuchi Clans have reported their animal numbers for winter and summer locations.
  • Availability of Health Clinics: Kuchi Clans indicated whether or not they had access to health care in their winter and summer locations.
  • Availability of Schools: Kuchi Clans indicated whether or not they had access to schools for their children. They reported availability in winter and summer locations.