Livestock Markets

Livestock Market Information System (LMIS)

The Texas A&M University Livestock Market Information System (LMIS) program is a livestock market monitoring mechanism through which the collection, analysis and dissemination of information needed to help producers, middle men and traders is systematically organized. In Afghanistan, LMIS provides near real-time market information for six major market in Afghanistan, to users making a request via the SMS text message system or the internet. The LMIS Program was designed to provide the Government of Afghanistan with a mechanism for evaluating market trends, volume, composition and economic importance of livestock, at different geographic scales. Currently, over 1.3 million livestock are traded in Afghanistan's livestock markets (see Afghanistan Livestock Market Assessment and Summary Reports). The volume of livestock passing every day through Afghanistan's markets is a clear indication that a significant number of Afghans are highly dependent on income from livestock either directly or indirectly. The adoption of the LMIS program in Afghanistan will provide opportunities for the development of a healthy and sustainable livestock trade through the facilitation of informed decision-making.