Livestock Markets

Afghanistan's Livestock Markets

Four livestock market assessments undertaken by the PEACE project have revealed that currently, over 1.8 million livestock are traded on an annual basis in the major livestock markets in Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Kunduz, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Jalalabad (see Afghanistan Livestock Market Assessment and Summary Reports). The volume of livestock passing annually through just these six major markets is a clear indication that a significant number of Afghans are highly dependent on income from the livestock sector either directly or indirectly.

The livestock market assessments also indicated that the majority of sellers obtained current baseline selling-price information from other sellers in the market. In contrast, conversations with herders in the field revealed that they get their price information from friends or relatives attending a market, when trying to decide whether or not to sell in the field. This method was reported as having limited utility, however, when their contacts were found to have been recently absent from the market.

Livestock Market Information System (LMIS) Program

It is well-known that market actors have increased opportunities and make better decisions when provided with unbiased, near real-time, market information. In December 2009, a Livestock Market Information System (LMIS) Program was initiated in Afghanistan to provide a livestock market monitoring mechanism through which the collection, analysis and dissemination of information needed to help producers, middle men and traders was systematically organized.

Currently, the Afghanistan LMIS Program provides near real-time market information to users making a request via the SMS text message system or the internet, for six major markets. It also provides the Government of Afghanistan with a mechanism for evaluating market trends, volume, composition and economic importance of livestock, at different geographic scales.

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