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Forage Predictions

Livestock Early Warning System Results

The Afghanistan PEACE Project is institutionalizing a Livestock Early Warning System (LEWS) for Afghanistan's extensive livestock producers. The PEACE Project LEWS program is part of the Global Livestock-Collaborative Research Support Program Global Livestock Early Warning System program. LEWS forecasts provide timely information about the expected quantity of rangeland forage in specific areas up to 90 days in advance with predictions updated daily.

Afghanistan's LEWS program relies on a growth simulation model called the Phytomass Growth Model (PHYGROW), developed by Texas A&M University, to produce forage forecasts. PHYGROW uses different types of data in combination with grazing rules for its forecasts. The data sets used by the PEACE Project include vegetation and grazer data from field surveys, recent soils data, various types of satellite data (MODIS, NDVI, NOAA), historic climate data, and modeled climate data.

The PEACE Project has been working in Afghanistan since October 2006 and has collected rangeland information in 15 provinces in central, western and northern Afghanistan to date. These provinces are displayed in color on the map below. Click on a province to view 30, 60, and 90 day forage predictions for sampling points within the selected province. Afghanistan's LEWS forage forecasts are available on this website and by signing up to receive alerts when new forecasts become available.