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I haven't keep this up to date. What happend was that I tried to package it up with a nifty makefile that let it work with the BLT/itcl stuff. By the time I got almost done the "next big tcl/tk release" came out, and my makefile broke, so I got discouraged, and ended up putting off doing the documentation.

All that being said, I think the only thing that needs to be changed is the interaction with the main program to get the extentions loaded, and it should be tcl8.0/tk4.0 ready (feel free to send me diffs/patches), but right now I only promise it works with tcl7.3 tk3.6.

Oh yea, you also need to get the netcdf package from

I find itcl and blt nice to have as well.

The main benefits I gave it over the previous interface, was to allow * or ranges (1-4) in the subscript notation, and to use name references instead of the variable id. Of course I read Ousterhout's book after I had already modeled it on the file handle thing, so it's in that style instead of making a netcdf object.

You can find the latest version at:

Dan Schmitt,

Here is the current distribution.
Here is the current distribution. by ftp