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Phygrow is a hydrologic based plant growth simulation model. Phygrow is intended to produce an available forage production for a site. Phygrow uses soil characteristics, plant community characteristics, and weather data for a particular location to predict the forage production. The PHYGROW system is intended to be a general ecosystem model similar in function to the work done by The Dynamic, Spatial, Ecological Modeling Team in their Sage Grouse Model developed for the US Army's Yakima Training Center. Many of the growth parameters are from A Wepp We will provide hooks that allow for the sage grouse, and the human activities type models, with a more extensive and more flexible vegetation and physical process submodel. Internally we will be primaraly concerned with ruminant grazing practices with respect to long term viability of the vegetation.

History of Phygrow Development

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Version 3.0

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